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Stand Atlantic

Watch: Looking back at 2020 with Stand Atlantic

After an unrelenting bastard of a year, signs of Australian nature returning are beginning to show: Beaches are open, pubs are open, and State Of Origin went off without a hitch, at least if you’re a Queenslander. But perhaps the most promising sign that the worst is behind us is that live music has returned.

As part of the ongoing series of COVID-safe live events under the banner of Great Southern Nights, homegrown pop punk titans Stand Atlantic took to Sydney’s Crowbar for their first live show in what felt like 400 million years. Moments before showtime, Blunt Magazine caught up with vocalist Bonnie Fraser, dusting off our film gear after what has felt like an equal amount of time, to chat about the year that’s been for Stand Atlantic.

Releasing a record in the midst of of a global lockdown presents a litany of issues, perhaps most importantly, the inability to bring the album to life post-release with tours. As Bonnie explains, the band were incredibly anxious about how this would impact the roll out of Pink Elephant, released in August. Rest assured their incredibly motivated fanbase got to work, ensuring streams, views and clicks kept climbing.

But, as it was for many of us, 2020 was a time of introspection for Bonnie. Faced with losing a large portion of her sense of self, the past several months gave her plenty of down time to reflect on the important things, that is, allowing yourself to be defined by the things you want to be defined by.

We dive into the outcome of releasing an album dedicated to addressing the ‘pink elephant’ in the room, and the warm, fuzzy feeling that returning to the stage has filled the band with.

Stand Atlantic will also be hitting the livestream action. The ‘F**K 2020 Livestream’ will be going down Monday, 28th December with more info after the jump.