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The Fresh Squeeze

The Fresh Squeeze: Mindfield

Welcome to The Fresh Squeeze, where every week, BLUNT gets down to the wire with an up-and-coming act we simply can’t get enough of. 

In this week’s shiny new edition, we get the juice on Jacksonville’s favourite sons, Mindfield. The band have recently emerged from their studio hibernation, holding high above their heads the debut album Seclusion Of Sanity – a bone-shaking, skull crushing, worthy offering to the gods of all things brutal – plus an incredibly slick merch range designed by Killswitch Engage’s Adam D.

What would your hometowns landmark be?
Everbank Stadium for sure. Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, baby.

Whats the usual first topic of conversation when you take a break at rehearsal?
Usually we talk about where we’re gonna get food at after practice [laughs].

When youre not tearing shit up on your instruments, what do you legends like to get up to?
Probably working our full-time jobs or some other things, or going to a show if one is going on. And between all of us, one is a father, another has a full time sign-painting business, another is big into bowling, and we all love gaming as well. So a culmination of all that stuff.

Whats your pre-show warm-up routine?
We usually like to drink a little before our set to loosen us up a little bit, but besides that, just going over parts in the parking lot if any of us may be having trouble with a new song in the set or something.

Whats your pre-show warm-up routine?
I think our most memorable show was our most recent, as well as our first hometown show in a year and a half. It was with Madball – a sold-out show that was absolutely fucking insane.

What band would you most like to share the stage with and why?
After asking everyone in the band, it’s all different answers [laughs]. It’d be between Metallica, Sepultura, Deftones, and Limp Bizkit, since they’re from our hometown.

Whats the most exciting album youve listened to recently?
I’m really loving the new Ingrown album, as well as a split our friends in Living In Fear did recently with End Game called Combined Forces. 

If you could be endorsed by one company, who would it be?
Jackson Guitars would be an awesome endorsement to have. 

Why are you going to make it to the top over all the other contenders in the musical arena?
We are extremely confident in our music and have worked really hard since day one. Now with Josh Grabelle from Trustkill and Bullet Tooth records helping us out, the sky may be the limit, but we plan on going beyond that. It’s only a matter of time. 

Seclusion Of Sanity by Mindfield is out now via Bullet Tooth