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VOIID take inspiration from breakfast of champions, ‘Lexapro’

Did you know the number of women who use staple SSRI Lexapro is double the amount of men on the same medication? That’s a deep, deep well to mine in terms of causation, but the top line is pretty clear – women are twice as likely to be medicated to regulate serotonin levels. That suggests a lot of issues going on, but none more urgent than the fact that woman are dealing with a fucking lot.

Meanjin punks VOIID put it more succinctly: “It’s about feeling forever unheard, forever less than, forever inadequate”. Obviously, there’s a long, long way to go and a lot of shadow work to be done to bring down those Lexapro stats, but VOIID have been good enough to usher us towards the first step; that is, to listen. And what perfect place to start than their brand new single. ‘Lexapro’.

Lexapro’ is a huge rant about coming to terms with the realisation of what place women hold in the world, struggling with the intricacies of your mental health and the frustration that comes with wanting to open up but fearing if people will listen,” VOIID says of the track.

Artistically, ‘Lexapro’ further adds to the tapestry of 90s punk VOIID have been weaving since their debut. Set atop a droning, looping riff, ‘Lexapro’ lassos you into its groove leading to a chaotic, kick-in-the-gut chorus from which there’s no escape. Expect to hear some home truths – as is always the case with VOIID.

VOIID have been busy this year carving out their own nook in the international punk scene, already capitalising on the wave of success kicked up by 2020’s Socioanomly with a new single. Having clocked up some serious stage hours between releases, it’s a safe assumption the band will be fighting fit for their headline tour in October.

VOIID Australian Tour

Tickets available now.

Thursday, 20th October
Crown & Anchor, SA
Tickets: Moshtix
Friday, 21st October
The Tote, Melbourne
Tickets: Oztix
Saturday, 29th October
Waywards, Sydney
Tickets: Oztix
Thursday, 10th November
The Brightside, QLD
Tickets: Eventbite