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Vatican celebrate signing to UNFD with double single

If we’re asking God for favours lately, we speak for not just ourselves but our entire scene when we say that an injection of objectively good heavy music would go a long way for most of us right now. It appears that Savannah metal act Vatican have come forth to answer our prayers, announcing today that they’ve inked a deal with UNFD. To celebrate the milestone, they’ve also dished out not one but two new songs – some much-needed aggression to soundtrack another week in this dystopia of ours.

Become A New God, the fresh double single from the band, brings together tracks ‘Absolute Reality’ and ‘Fractured God’ to give fans a taster of what Vatican are all about. Frontman Mike Sugars describes the double single “as a pairing of these songs” intending to “question what it is to be human in an increasingly complex world and time.”

Guitarist Tom Lovejoy adds: “Part of what I think we all represent as people and a band is the idea of taking yourself to task when challenges come up, and figuring out the healthiest, most constructive way to deal with it. That’s why some of the lyrics are extremely blunt, and why the title of the record is, too; it’s not shrouded in metaphors. It’s just a quick way of saying, ‘Accept that maybe you’ve fucked some things up and it’s nobody’s responsibility but yours to fix that.'”

This may not be the first time you’ve heard of Vatican, although the news that they’re only about to get bigger and better through their partnership with UNFD is an unquestionably solid start. The band have garnered praise from the alternative community since their 2019 full-length record Sole Impulse was dropped, and have been widely regarded as a “breakout” act ever since.

Become A New God is out now via UNFD.