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Thursday to repurpose merch into face masks

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As the current pandemic slowly but surely encroaches on all aspects of everyday life, it’s becoming easier with each day to reconcile with a deep sense of helplessness.

Fortunately, many have rejected doing just this, instead rising to the occasion with examples of innovation and adaptation. The latest example of this comes from post-hardcore impresarios, Thursday.

The New Jersey group have taken to socials to reveal their plan which, in one fell swoop, challenges the current global shortage of face masks for frontline medical workers and essential personnel, reduces the amount of synthetic waste and inspires other bands who may have succumbed to the aforementioned helplessness by repurposing their existing merch stock into fabric face masks.

The finer details of the master plan are yet to be revealed, however the band have confirmed that they’re in the process of slicing up their stockpile to turn t-shirts and other clothing items into useable, functioning protective masks.

The band has also signalled that they will need the help of fans – many of which are also dealing with the overbearing feeling of helplessness – to get the project complete. More details on how fans can be involved are expected to come this week.

The shortage of face masks is causing major issues in the treatment and containment of COVID-19 world wide. In Australia alone, reports are emerging of various frontline medical workers being asked to re-use their face masks, rightfully resulting in some serious safety concerns for all involved.

At the start of the year, the Australian government gave the green light for 1 million medical face masks to be released from the national stockpile. However some doctors have revealed to ABC that just a few months later, their specific hospitals are down to fewer than 100 masks left.

Thursday’s plan opens up a whole new way in which artists can help frontline medical and essential workers. If old band merch can be turned into face masks, it can also be turned into gowns, apron and sheets, not to mention donations.