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THE RIOT return with ‘See it Believe it’

With the long-awaited trial of Derek Chauvin putting the heinous murder of George Floyd back in the news, THE RIOT are sharing a very clear message today with their new single ‘See it Believe it’. That message is that, although the protests have tapered off for now, suffering and injustice rages on. Uniting people together is important 365 days out of the year, whether we’re posting black tiles on our Instagram pages or not.

The Aussie-based trio’s previous singles have been lauded for obliterating the line between hip hop and hardcore, with ‘Dog In The Shade‘ and ‘Same Blunt‘ making waves upon their release. Both tracks were also accompanied by some cracking standout visuals, with their successor continuing that pattern with an official video directed by Xinger Xanger (also known as Jordan Kirk). Speaking on the dynamic clip, vocalist JD asserts: The music video captures the final feeling that ties this song together as a whole. Jordan instantly shared the same vision as us and was able to portray it in a way we could have only wished for.”

The frontman expanded on what that vision is upon the release of ‘Dog In The Shade’, noting that there’s “power in numbers, it’s better than being on your own.” He continues: “[Together] we can get our voices that have been ‘the unheard’, to be heard….’Fuck the enemy, riot the energy’ and let your voice be your voice regardless of how the world has made you feel.”

Assuming that everything goes to plan over the coming weeks, fans and curious punters can catch THE RIOT playing a show at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh Heads. It’s only a matter of time (and declining virus cases) before THE RIOT takes off, and when it does, you’ll want to be standing with them, not against them.

Check out the clip for ‘See it Believe it’ below.