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The Nicoteenagers premiere video for new single produced by Alain Johannes

It’s not often that a rising rock act from Australia ends up working with the legendary Alain Johannes, which marks The Nicoteenagers as not only ones to watch but already a cut above the rest. For their new single ‘What Are We Missing Here?’, they teamed up with the legendary musician, creating an unforgettable onslaught of rock that transcends beyond just four minutes of a band playing music.

Elevating the impact of the single, The Nicoteenagers have now shared accompanying visuals for the track, which you can check out below. The title of the song represents trying to navigate what the human experience currently is for us, a messy jigsaw puzzle that love fits into somewhere. They explain: “‘What Are We Missing Here?’ is a phrase a lot of people can relate to right now. It’s about the role that love plays in the life of humans; how it helps us, shapes us, guides us and hurts us. It’s designed to be a sonically dense track to match the weight of the ideology behind it. We tapped into a heavier style of music that we love to add to the feeling that this song, along with the question it poses, bears down on you with only brief moments of relief.”

Known for his work with Queens of the Stone Age, Faith No More and Eleven, Johannes offers a vehement endorsement, sharing: “I had a blast contributing some vocals, instrumental bits and mixing ‘What Are We Missing Here?’ for The Nicoteenagers. Love the song and great band”. The Nicoteenagers return the favour, adding that “Alain has an uncanny ability to imbue a song with his personality without altering the essence of a project, he took an uncut gem and really made it shine. He is a true wizard.”

The Melbourne alt-rock crew have been making waves for some time since releasing their debut album back in 2019, so we can only hope that 2021 brings even more good news on The Nicoteenagers front.

Check out the video for ‘What Are We Missing Here?’ below.