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Teeth get heavy with new clip for ‘Blood Money’

If cleanliness is next to godliness, Sydney outfit Teeth are standing right next to the devil. They’re not afraid to get filthy, be it with their riffs, vocals or language, and it seriously shows. The case in point today is their new clip for ‘Blood Money’, a drop from their forthcoming EP, Dark Harvest.

Speaking on the tune, the band explain it as centring on “what money does to people.” They continue: “It measures power and from that can change a person for the worse. We are ultimately controlled by the concept of currency.  Large sums of money from loans to inheritances will cause people to run wild and feel unstoppable. The ride will always end and they are left with nothing. Many become trapped by money: work all week for a paycheck to spend it before it is even in their hands.”

Certainly holding up a mirror to our routines makes them a little less admirable and a little more pathetic, though we unfortunately are predominantly all in this together (bar that pesky 1%). The video for ‘Blood Money’ was created by the band’s Blake Curby. The song’s home on the tracklist of Dark Harvest saw it recorded, mixed and mastered by Jono Peters in early 2020, with drums tracked down at DEFWOLF studios.

You may have caught Teeth at Good Things Festival at the back end of 2019, or this might be your first introduction. Either way, don’t forget to pick up (or stream) Dark Harvest on April 2nd to get weird with Australia’s latest and passable emerging heavyweights.

Watch the clip for ‘Blood Money’ below.

Teeth on tour

Blood Money’ Single Release Show Saturday 27th February
The Burdekin Hotel, Sydney (18+)
Tickets: The Burdekin Hotel

Dark Harvest Album Release Show Saturday 3rd April
The Factory Fusebox, Sydney (18+)
Tickets: Factory Theatre