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Siiickbrain reflects on toxic love with ‘Silence’

Caroline Miner Smith, who operates under the moniker of Siiickbrain, is on a home run. Every single track that she’s dropped over the last year has been received to adulation from fans and contemporaries, as she continues to up her game time after time in every subsequent release. She upholds that trend today with her firecracker of a tune, ‘Silence’, two minutes of somber-turned-punk reflection that you might end up leaving on repeat indefinitely.

“While recording this song, I was thinking about how love can make you blind to how toxic a situation can be,” she told NYLON for the clip’s premiere. “The video is based around the idea that in your mind, you see things differently than how they really are when you’re drowning in emotions.”

The offering postdates her recent collaboration with Swae Lee and Skrillex on ‘Too Bizarre‘, where she lent her unclean vocals to what turned out to be a return to form from From First To Last’s Sonny Moore. You can also catch her performing live at The Roxy on ‘GASLIGHT!’ with Maggie Lindemann, and in case you missed it, in a choreographed fight scene in her clip for ‘Power‘ with Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokno.

Speaking to BLUNT earlier in the year, she shared that her priorities going forward with the Siiickbrain project centre on keeping it authentic. “The most important thing to me with music and with writing is honesty,” she commented at the time. “I feel there’s so many artists who just say what they think is cool. And for me it’s like, ‘Listen, if one person has gone through something, then you’re not the only person that’s gone through it.’ So, if you sing about it or sing about a feeling like feminism and taking back your power, it resonates with so many people…I’m talking about my personal experiences, every song that I’ve done, it’s so personal to me. That’s what I’d like for people to know, to inspire them to be themselves always and to always be honest.”

Check out the epic clip for ‘Silence’ below.