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Semantics are desensitised, but determined on ‘Bluelight’

There’s a lot of focus on Melbourne as being Rock City, Australia. But those with their fingers to the pulse of such things will know all too well that the River City puts up a tough argument for the mantle of Punk City, Australia. Today, Brissy outfit Semantics fortify that argument further, with the release of their brand new single ‘Bluelight’.

Ignited by a rollicking bassline, ‘Bluelight’ is a sonically faithful offering to the Gods of punk rock – rough around the edges, understated and direct. The slick production is something that fans of the group have no doubt become accustomed to since their 2019 EP If You’re Not Alright, again rearing its head on most recent cut, and triple j Unearthed favourite, ‘SDE’.

Musicality aside, ‘Bluelight’ also remains faithful to the punk ethos in its messaging. This is certainly not the genre to enter if you don’t have much to say, so it goes without saying that Semantics are going to be addressing some things.

For example, the proliferation of pay-to-play media manipulating facts, and audiences, all in the name of their bottom line. Or, as the band explain to Blunt Magazine: “’Bluelight’ has come at a strangely appropriate moment, it represents our perspective on sensationalist media and the over-saturation of fear tactics and propaganda.”

Semantics is made up of Gerard Settgast (lead guitar), Callum Robinson (vocals, rhythm guitar), Madeleine Tunstall (bass) and Mitch Lawrence (drums), and in the short space since their 2017 self-titled debut, have wasted no time at all establishing themselves as rising stars of the scene.

Whether on stage supporting Violent Soho (and WAAX in the near future) or resonating through the airwaves of triple j, the word of Semantics is only spreading further by the day, which will no doubt result in a worthy legion of followers eagerly awaiting their next move.