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Unify Gathering 2022

Save the date – Unify Gathering locks in 2022 return

Hoo-boy, dear readers, just when we all thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore good news left in this timeline, great news has arrived on this sleepy Monday morn, with organisers behind the great Unify Gathering confirming that not only will the iconic event be returning in 2022, they’ve gone as far as to give us the gosh darn dates. Bust out the emo advent calendars as the countdown to emo christmas has now begun.

True emo Christmas traditionalists, organisers have confirmed that the event will be returning to its spiritual home of Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland, a landscape awash with grassy knolls, big skies and the boundless enchantment. As per usual, the festivities will be going down at the pointy end of 2022, with Thursday 20 January to Sunday 23 January 2022 locked in. It’s worth noting that, on account of the current benefits of building your plans on the shifting sands rather than the stable rock (i.e. another lockdown) organisers have booked in Plan B dates for later in the year, Thursday 10 March to Sunday 13 March 2022 so Unify Gathering 2022 will be going ahead come hell, high water, or COVID-19.

Word of the fan-favourite pilgrimage to the far-flung fields of Tarwin Lower has spread throughout the land now, with Unify Gathering becoming one of the most coveted destinations of the festival calendar. That said, tickets will be extra limited this time round, with just 7,000 up for grabs, as you can be assured they will simply sell themselves.

An official line up announcement is expected to come later in the week – Thursday, 19th August to be exact, but it has been confirmed that Unify Gathering 2022 will be a strictly all-Australian line up, on account of the sheer unpredictability of the status of international travel. However, with Australia being the pulsing beacon of heavy music, a light seen all the way over the world, an All-Australian line up will certainly not see a diminish in the event’s quality.

On account of the events teaser video, we’re gonna go out on a limb and say forecasts predict a high chance of The Amity Affliction?

Tickets will go on sale shortly after the line-up announcement with various options including after-pay, and camping add-ons. Keep your eyes peeled to the Unify Gathering Website for more.

Unify Gathering 2022

Tickets available Thursday, 19th August from 12:00pm AEST

Thursday 20 January – Sunday 23 January
Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland
Tickets: Ticketmaster