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Sammi Constantine slays her demons on ‘Heroine’

In speaking to us about her last single ‘Trigger Heavy’, it became clear that Sammi Constantine is no stranger to pursuing her truth by tearing herself open. The Aussie musician, who has been candid about her battle with anorexia, continues her mission to share a new, autobiographical track in every month of 2020 with ‘Heroine’. The song directly addresses her grapple with the disease, as she confronts it head on with her unique brand of dark pop.

“‘Heroine’, as the title suggests”, she comments, “is a conversational ballad about taking back my life and being my own saviour after an eating disorder almost completely took ahold of my entire existence, twice. ‘Heroine’ demands a conversation around the unrealistic expectations and constant self adjustments, that too many of us are killing ourselves to achieve.”

She adds that over the years, she “attached” herself to an identity that didn’t represent who she truly was. “I now understand [that identity] is a corrupt and lonely extension of the person I truly am inside. I held tightly to this part of myself, in fear I’d be no one, until it turned into the poisonous and unhealthy obsession to become somebody else.”

Speaking to Blunt Magazine earlier this year, Constantine shared that she isn’t “100% sure whether I’ll ever be the person that I was before anorexia. And I don’t mean that as a pity party or anything negative. I think, it’s more about staying on top of the good things. And what I mean by that is, focusing more on the future rather than living in the past. The way that I get stuck and trapped in those anorexic tendencies, or that mind state is when I dwell on the past or when I don’t give myself goals or things to look forward to.”

‘Heroine’ is the fourth song released by Constantine this year as part of a collection of autobiographical tracks, with more to come throughout 2020.