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Of Mice & Men band photo

Of Mice & Men: Thriving in their reconnection era

From Gandalf to Goku to The Green Lantern, all to often our favourites are reintroduced to us in some new and fantastic form, and we the fans simply live for it.

The same phenomenon is happening right now with in the Of Mice & Men fandom, with the heroes of post-hardcore emerging as their latest incantation – a new era ushered by the release of album number eight, Tether.

Tether is lean and sleek; calculated and confident – like any of the big cat species in their prime. Tether captures everything Of Mice & Men have learned about their craft since day dot, balancing mosh-pit igniters like ‘Bones Exposed’ with quieter, contemplative ‘main character’ moments like ‘Would You Still Be There’, creating an entirely unique mosaic.

Of Mice & Men have managed to evolve into a new beast and while remaining familiar, some reintroductions are certainly in order – reconnections if you will, given the recent global pause in live interactions. Since the release of the record, the group have been taking Tether to the fans and show by show proving it’s mettle – now it’s on to Australia.

Ahead of the band’s arrival, we checked in to get a bit of an idea of what awaits.

It’s been a while between drinks for your Australian fans, what did it take to twist your arm to lock in your return?

After spending so much time working on new music, we’re really making it a point to reconnect with our audiences all over the world who have continued supporting us after all these years. Australia is one of our favorite places to play & it felt right to book some headline shows out there during the best time of year!

Of course, every band that makes it here tells us they love Australia, but it does feel as though there’s a strong connection between OM&M and Australia. Have I over thought things? Or do we hold a special place in your hearts?

Australia absolutely holds a very special place in our hearts! We don’t get to travel there very often so whenever we go, the audiences really come out & show us love!

You’re returning with Tether, which was released to thunderous applause from both fans and media. Now that you’ve had some time to sit and resonate with the album, why do you think it was so well received?

Of Mice & Men has always written music from the heart, I believe our fans have a very strong connection to our music because of that. Tether was a very human album showing how multifaceted we can be when it comes to expanding on our sound.

Tether is such a force of nature. From a lifelong fan, it could even be seen as a new dawn, or era even. Is that how it feels for the band as well?

Thank you for saying that, I absolutely agree! It’s crazy for things to feel that way after 8 albums but since we’ve started self producing our last couple albums, we are really able to hone in on the ethos of our sound & deliver something really exciting to us & our audience.

Several albums under your belt is a crazy amount of material – I’d love to know what goes into crafting a set list for one of your shows these days?

That’s probably the hardest part of the gig Haha! There’s so much we want to include & it’s going to be exciting seeing how it shapes up! Fans can expect new music, old favorites & a bunch in between!

What excites you the most about where OM&M are currently at, and what excites you the most about what’s next?

We’re currently in our reconnection phase, which is especially exciting to us because we’ve been locked away creating for so long that finally getting to share our music with everyone in a live setting will be incredible! As far as what’s next, we just can’t wait to see what these audiences & opportunities inspire in us for future material!

Of Mice & Men Australian tour dates
Featuring Sienna Skies & Dream On Dreamer

Tickets available now.

Friday, 23 February
Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide
Tickets: The Phoenix

Saturday, 24 February
The Metro, Sydney
Tickets: The Phoenix

Sunday, 25 February
170 Russell, Melbourne
Tickets: The Phoenix

Tuesday, 27 February
The Triffid, Brisbane
Tickets: The Phoenix