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Mixtape: Diet Cig’s picks to thrive to

American indie rock outfit Diet Cig recently dropped their new single ‘Thriving’, which is the exact opposite of what it seems that our COVID-19-affected planet is doing right now. Having said that, there is no better time than now to pick ourselves up and listen to some feel-good tunes that give us some hope for the future. In that spirit, we asked Diet Cig themselves to compile a playlist for us of tracks to re-energise to. Their new album, Do You Wonder About Me?, drops in May.

1. Addy – ‘Planted’

“This song came out this year and is a part of an album that I play at home ALL the time when I’m watering my plants or taking a bath or just generally trying to zen out. It’s soooo good and makes me feel calm and centered.”

2. Pllush – ‘Big Train’

“Such a cathartic banger, thriving doesn’t always have to mean being joyous and happy all the time, it can mean having a good cry and getting down with your feelings and feeling a little better for it. Have an emotional moment to this song and then take a bubble bath.”

3. Partner – ‘Play the Field’

“This is the queer anthem we all need! Sports! Hotties! Guitar solos!! Absolutely obsessed with this incredibly catchy song.”

5. New Order – ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’

“I dance in my house to this song when I’m alone, it just makes me wanna MOVE. All the fun synth sounds are soooo good and I want to just bust a move when I listen. I think I was alone in my house when I heard it for the first time and it felt life changing. Sometimes you just find that song that makes you want to dance for a week straight and this was it for me.”

6. Diet Cig – ‘Thriving’

“Am I allowed to put our song on this? Well I’m going to. It’s such a fun anthem to jam out to, ‘I’m thriving thanks for asking’ has been something of a personal mantra for me and it can be for you too! Maybe if we bust enough moves while thinking this to ourselves we will truly ascend into Big Thriving Energy.”

7. Leikeli47 – ‘Girl Blunt’ 

“Play this song on repeat next time you smoke with your girls and tell me you’re not thriving I dare you!!!!!”

8. HAIM – ‘Now I’m In It’

“I love walking down the street to this song, its the perfect bpm for a power strut!! This has been the song I listen to when I need a boost, it’s such a bop. The production gets me so excited and it makes me feel inspired to produce my own tracks.”

9. Alex Lahey – ‘I Havent Been Taking Care of Myself’

“Alex Lahey is such an amazing songwriter, I admire her ability to take a really universal feeling and make it so personal and relatable at the same time! Also the guitars in this song RIPPP. Every song on this album is a song I wish I wrote.”

10. The Spook School – ‘The Bad Year’

“Another moment of suuuuch catharsis, I think the songs that make me feel like I’m thriving are the ones that let me feel my feelings. This song is truly evergreen and makes me burst with hopefulness.”

11. Rostam – ‘Bike Dream’

“The 4 line rhyme structure and winding melody of this chorus is unreal!! It definitely inspired the chorus in our other single ‘Night Terrors’. The sounds on this one are also soooo good. The drums have such a nice reverb and I like the vocal effect a LOT.”

12. Mallrat – ‘Groceries’

“The melodies in this song get so stuck in my head. This song sounds like having a picnic with your buds on the first really warm day of spring. Everyone brought a different type of fruit and the world smells like thawed grass. You are momentarily happy.”