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Melbourne musician Ally Spazzy outed as neo-nazi

Update 18/08/2021: Content Warning – Extremist views, graphic racist language and bigotry. Anti-Fascist research organisation The White Rose Society has published a shocking report titled ‘Ally Spazzy’s Greatest Hits’, mapping out in detail the former Spazzys drummer online extremist activity.

ORIGINAL STORY: The recent expose on the creeping rot that is the neo-nazi movement in Australia continues to send shockwaves throughout the community, and to the surprise of exactly no one, those shocks have now made their way to the alternative community. 

As information continues to come to light following the 60 minutes / The Age investigation, a member of our very own alternative community has been named and shamed, that being Ally Spazzy (a.k.a. Alice McNamara) the drummer and vocalist for somewhat seminal Melbourne-based pop-punk group, The Spazzys.

Today, The Age has listed McNamara, who also works as a musician working with young children under the banner of KiddyRock, as a known anti-lockdown numpty, who has been “posting neo-Nazi and anti-lockdown propaganda under an online alias.” When reached for comment, McNamara promptly hung up the phone.

McNamara’s bandmate, Kat Spazzy took to Instagram to condemn the hateful views of Mcnamara, posting a comment on a related post from Anti-fascist researcher and impresario Tom Tanuki, explaining that the extremist views made it impossible for the band to function, stating “Ally’s views had become increasingly odd, irrational and conspirtorial over recent years, indeed, that is the reason The Spazzys have not been able to play together in some time.

“Lucy Spazzy and I condemn such views in the strongest possible terms. They are abominable and offensive to us. They do not reflect that attitude and character of the band either before or after Ally was a member.”

The Spazzys had achieved cult success since their inception in 2000, reaching a broader audience with their 2005 cover of My Boyfriend’s Back, which hit the ARIA charts. At the time of publication, the posts attributed to McNamara are offline. However, there is indication that further information will be made public shortly, and as such, this article will be updated.

Since the original story broke, more information has been published regarding the specific, and incredibly vile, online activity of McNamara.