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Meet Me @ The Altar

Meet Me @ The Altar beam pop punk fun with ‘Feel A Thing’

There’s a palpable buzz surrounding Florida/Georgia/New Jersey pop punk trio Meet Me @ The Altar. It’s a buzz that transcends that one Halsey tweet; a buzz firmly rooted in the group’s ability to write absolute hook fests. If their previous cut ‘Garden’ didn’t sink deep into your skin then their latest track ‘Feel A Thing’ absolutely will, and if it doesn’t? Well, you should probably see a doctor.

Meet Me @ The Altar have been quietly whittling away at their debut EP Model Citizen for a minute now and with an approaching street date of Friday, 13th August, and with contracts and record deals signed, sealed and delivered, it’s now time for the outfit to have some fun, which leads us to ‘Feel A Thing’, currently copping spins throughout headphones across the planet.

Things have been quite serious on Planet Earth for the past few months and while it was about bloody time for us to wake up to ourselves, that’s not to say that fun doesn’t also have a role, even when navigating our way through the seemingly insurmountable social metamorphosis. Through a tight assortment of pop punk riffage, beats and clean vocals, ‘Feel A Thing’ beams positivity, obliterating your dead-pan with brilliant colours and glistening soundscapes.

The video counterpart for the track sees the trio absorbed in a retro sidescroller video game, but rather than going full Tron (a la daddy issues, woe-is-me-I’m-stuck-in-a-video-game), members Edith Johnson, Téa Campbell and Ada Juarez are already boss-level, mowing down the big, winged monsters in their way with considerable ease.

One can only imagine the overarching message of that interdimensional ghoul beast-type thing or human; it’s best to not fuck with Meet Me @ The Altar. There’s a strong sense of a changing of the guard of sorts within the pop punk milieu and with Meet Me @ The Altar at the reins, the genre is in good, fun hands.

Check out the new single from Meet Me @ The Altar below.