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Loose End curate their dream festival lineup

Melbourne alt outfit Loose End have been gaining more and more traction lately, selling out venues and having just released their new single ‘Discontent’. With roots in pop punk and metal, we asked them to put together their dream festival lineup. With the path they’re currently on, it’s likely that in a post-Corona world they would achieved their goals to play with most of these artists by the time we check back in.


Jack: There is something that is special about seeing this band live. It’s almost as if the air changes when they hit the stage. Everyone just has a little bit more love in them after they play.

The Story So Far

Ben: All time favourite band. The aggressive finger pointing and sing alongs are as good as it gets.

Stuck Out 

Mitch: One of the bigger pop punk bands going on in the scene. Not only is the music incredible, the show they put along with it would make anyone want to play beside them.

Stand Atlantic

Ben: I absolutely adore Skinny Dipping and it would be such a good vibe live. Also their IG stories are quality. Would love to score a photobomb in the background.


Jackson: They are one of the most energetic and entertaining bands. I’ve been lucky enough to see them a number of times and they’re one of my favourite bands to see.


Jack: This band just danced their last waltz, but it’s almost impossible to find a band that packs the intensity and gravity of a Pagan mass so we have to bring them back from the dead for this one.

Void of Vision

Mitch: One of the best live bands going around. If anyone saw the live set they put on at unify where the vocalist Jack climbed to the top of the stage? Who wouldn’t want that at a festival.

Deez Nuts (playing Stay True in full)

Jack: Hitting the stage at 4.20pm to really get this party started, Deez Nuts are bringing back an album which shaped the scene a decade ago. Stages dives and high fives – that’s what we’re in this for.


Mitch: I would say one of the most underrated bands going, but I think everyone is starting to appreciate and notice them for the band they are at an incredible speed. The perfect combination of heavy and emotional.

Carpathian (Token reunion set)

Jack: Nothing even needs to be said. Can we just give the people what they want?

Future Static

Ben: Because they are family. Also Jack and Jackson are playing with them right now, so we will save on expenses. 

You Me At Six

Ben: We need a headliner and no one is better. British Arena rock at its best. Plus, I just want to see Josh Franceschi’s vocals live.

Loose End

Jack: To be honest, we just want to be the first band to open up the show so we get AAA passes and don’t have any further responsibilities so we can watch all the bands.