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Lil Lotus

Lil Lotus announces debut album

With his previous All My Little Scars EPs still rightfully copping spins and airplay, Lil Lotus has defined ‘carpe diem’ by absolutely pouncing on the buzz surrounding him right now, compounding it with the announcement of his debut full-length record. Dubbed ERRØR BØY, off the bat the record bears all the hallmarks of a cult scene classic.

Those hallmarks include its backing by iconic label and punk rock tastemakers Epitaph Records, proferring an endorsement of authenticity to the backdrop of the release. In conjunction with that, punk rock renaissance man himself John Feldmann worked on the record, and scene legend Travis Barker sneaks in a feature to bring it home.

Then there’s of course the album itself, ushered in with new single ‘Romantic Disaster’, a duet with Against The Current vocalist Chrissy Costanza. An ode to “this disastrous, chaotic kind of romance”, ‘Romantic Disaster’ is as labelled, and fits perfectly within the album, both on account of the entire record’s extension on the themes of addiction, toxic relationships, and a cornucopia of stories pertaining to the hazards of current era youth, and based on its songbed being nestled perfectly in the crease between hip hop and pop punk.

ERRØR BØY is about how I’ve struggled with addiction, I’ve struggled with giving myself the credit I deserve, with loving myself, with loving the ones that love me, with not pushing people away, with not running away from people who are completely there for me,” Lotus says. ERRØR BØY has a confirmed street date of Friday, 20th August with a vinyl release coming after on Friday, 1st October.

Since first appearing on radars back in 2017, Lil Lotus weathered the ebb and flow of digital music trends to remain one of the most listened to, and engaged with, sadboy artists current releasing. Through his series of EPs, Lotus has amassed a head-spinning 30 million streams, all before the release of his debut album.

ERRØR BØY is out Friday, 20th August via Epitaph.