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Lights is returning to Australia for the first time in a decade!

We here at BLUNT are a pretty lowkey crowd, but you may have noticed, when it comes to our love of Lights, we have no chill whatsoever. And who can blame us? It’s a great time to be a fan of the Canadian artist, and an Australian fan no less, with the one-two combo of a brand new album and her first run of Australian tour dates in a decade all coinciding to be happening right now.

Lights has confirmed she’ll be returning to our stages later this year in October as part of the Waterparks tour package. For those playing at home, these will be the first Australian tour dates from Lights since her incandescent debut touring with Jezabels on their mammoth Australian tour back in 2012 which went into becoming the stuff of Aussie indie folklore. At that point in time, Lights had Siberia in her swag, which means for the upcoming run, she’ll be able to dig into a small crowd of albums we’ve yet to see live including, but not limited to, 2014’s Little Machines, 2017’s Skin and Earth, 2022’s P3P and it’s 2023 counterpart, dEd.

Long story short, Lights has a lot of catching up to do with her Australian fans.

If you like what you’re hearing so far but are yet to fully commit to being a Lights fan, don’t fret, the October tour dates are quite considerate given just how much time you’ll need to fully get around the LCU (Lights Content Universe). Betwixt each album lies plenty of curiosities from acoustic revisionings, collaborations, genre-bending experiments, lo-fi mixtapes, side projects and comic books that all build protein and mass onto the bones of a bedroom-producer-turn-stadium-filling-bedroom-producer.

With enough Juno awards to kill a small horse – plus a couple of Canadian Independent Music Awards to help get the job done, Lights is a brilliant example of an artist who doesn’t just do shit, but does shit well.

Of course, we’d be remiss to not mention Waterparks as the beast on which Lights will ride on her way down. Waterparks will be returning to their legions of Australian fans holding high above their heads Intellectual Property, the latest album and the beginning of a new era for the trio.

The pieces are in place for yet another Australian tour involving Lights to be relegated to the stuff of folklore, so better get your head around the below dates, lest you want to wait another decade for it.

Lights Australian tour dates

Supporting Waterparks
Tickets available Friday, 21st April

Tuesday, 3rd October
Magnet House, Perth 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Thursday, 5th October
The Gov, Adelaide Lic AA
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Friday, 6th October
Metro Theatre, Sydney Lic AA
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Saturday, 7th October
Princess Theatre, Brisbane Lic AA
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Sunday, 8th October
170 Russell, Melbourne 18+
Tickets: Destroy All Lines