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KRUELTY band picture featuring the members standing side by side

Kruelty have come for Australian hearts, minds and wildlife

Japanese peddlers of brutality Kruelty have landed in Australia with almighty thud, bringing their brand of sonic fire and brimstone throughout most major cities either as part of the ongoing Honest Crooks tour, or under their own banner. The announcement of the band’s arrival some weeks back caused quite the stir, indicative of just how far their hooks have started to sink in on a global level (understandably, given they’re brought something only they could offer to our headphones).

Those who have come to know and love the band will understand it’s not about labelling what it is, but seeing where they take it. Combining the best bits of ’90s hardcore and Scandinavian metal, capping it off with a generous dose of doom, Kruelty have given us an album (A Dying Truth) and an EP (Immortal Nightmare) of a type of ferocity we’ve never really heard before. With a new one on the way – Untopia – we’re eager to see where they take it next. Short of breath from their ongoing live escapades, Kruelty filled us in on their most surprising show thus far, and their Australian wildlife quest.

Kruelty! Welcome to Australia. There are a few days before your first shows here, what can we do to be best prepared?

Stream the songs from our latest split EP and Immortal Nightmare EP!

Your live shows have a reputation of having some of the most brutal mosh pits. As an artist, what’s it like performing in front of such intense energy? Do you feel it in your bones?

Feeling to be honored. Also, we’re trying to show the crowds our maximum energy through the performance, which might make them aggressive.

You call your sound ‘disgusting music’. What does that mean to you?

That’s what I was actually told by my mom, haha.

Next month you’ll be releasing your second album Untopia. What are the main differences between Untopia and A Dying Truth?

As a songwriter, I reduced the doom/sludge vibes this time. Also, most lyrics are written in Japanese. This is what I’ve been wanting to do.

You’ve risen quickly to the international stage. Out of everywhere in the world, what is the most surprising place you’ve learned you have fans?

New Zealand last week was much more than I expected. We don’t have many listeners from there on streaming services, but still we saw a good amount of people every night, which was surprising.

You will no doubt blow a lot of Australian minds. For those who want more, what similar bands from these Japanese scene can you recommend?

I recommend Horsehead Nebula that I’m filling in, lol. Really heavy riffs and awesome song structures.

Having never been to Australia before, what are you most interested in doing? Any burning questions you want answered?

I’ve been there twice as a person but I still have never seen wombats lol. So I wanna see them ASAP!

Tell me about your pre-show ritual.

Haha, I’m not sure but we just concentrate so much and play very seriously on every set.

The year is only just getting started. What does the rest of 2023 have in store for Kruelty? 


Kruelty Australian Tour Dates

Tuesday, 21st February
La La La’s, Wollongong
Tickets: Kruelty

Wednesday, 22nd February*
The Basement, Canberra
Tickets: Kruelty

Thursday, 23rd February
The Tote, Melbourne
Tickets: Kruelty

*Supporting Honest Crooks