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Iron Maiden return with first new music in six years

It looks like the pendulum might be swinging back in our direction, folks. After six years without releasing any new music, Iron Maiden have victoriously returned today with ‘The Writing On The Wall’. Presented in the form of an animated collaboration with former Pixar executives and Iron Maiden fans Mark Andrews and Andrew Gordon, the clip for the new single sees Maiden return in an incredibly theatrical fashion, which should only have been expected by fans given the reputation of the band they know and love.

The clip itself dives into familiar stories to us all with a modern take, as four cloaked motorcyclists following Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot Eddie represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Frontman Bruce Dickinson ideated the concept for the visuals, which came to life under the purview of animation studio BlinkInk and director Nicos Livesey, who shared: “We quickly found the expertise we wanted, and people were literally throwing themselves at me to work on a Maiden video – we had more than 60 people in 13 countries from Brazil to France, & Romania to the USA to add something to the clip and I’d say their love, passion and understanding of the band shines through every frame. They were a dream team for the producers and myself to manage.” You can find out more about the delicate process here.

‘The Writing On The Wall’ was written by guitarist Adrian Smith and of course Bruce Dickinson, produced by Kevin Shirley and co-produced by bassist and founding member Steve Harris. Fans had been speculating that new music might be coming soon for weeks – with clues and sightings spotted from all around the world making up pieces of the puzzle – and it’s unlikely that this is the last we’ll see of Maiden for now.

Watch the clip for ‘The Writing On The Wall’ below.