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Inertia share visuals for ‘Reminisce’ feat. The Beautiful Monument’s Lizi Blanco

Not unlike the physical phenomenon from which they take their name, Sydney’s Inertia continue unimpeded on their path to the forefront of the Australian heavy music scene. As the Friday, 17th April street date of their EP Connexion approaches, the band have further added to their gravitational pull with the release of brand new cut ‘Reminisce’ feat. The Beautiful Monument’s Lizi Blanco.

‘Reminisce’ is a command performance in the art of heavy minimalism. Riffs and beats pulse around the heart of the track like electrons around an atom, creating enough atmosphere for everything to emanate just that little bit more.

Per the band’s description of the second single to come from the EP, ‘Reminisce’ is a break-up song which is a tried and true plot for music of all genres, but it’s what Inertia do with it that makes it a standout submission to the category. The duelling vocals tell both sides of a sad story; there’s no closure, for the listener or the hypothetical lovers, just the cold comfort that every action has an equal and opposite traction.

Lizi was the glue that helped put this song together and we knew that as soon as we started tracking vocals for the song”, vocalist Julian Latouche recalls of the collaboration. “We met The Beautiful Monument last year when we supported them in Sydney on their album tour and we were stunned by how good their live set was and how much character Lizi had in her voice, so we approached her with the song and the concept behind it and she was stoked to come down and work with us on it.”

She added her own character and flair to the melodies and took what we had to the next level – we don’t think we could have the song sounding any different to how it does now.

Inertia are using Connexion as an opportunity to explore human interaction through the lens of melodic post-hardcore, and the ups and downs that come with the human condition. If lead single ‘Heavy Eyes’ is anything to go by, which it is, it’s clear that this EP is going to make us all feel a whole bunch of things. Brace for impact.

Listen to ‘Reminisce’ below.