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In conversation with Short Stack: “Now” (Part 2)

We return to ask what’s coming next from Short Stack.

It might be somewhat tough for future generations to look back and pinpoint an exact date for when the recent and insurmountable period of general unpleasantness began to taper off, but we offer them a suggestion: Tuesday, the 2nd of March, the day that Short Stack returned to our headphones and speakers.

To mark their long-awaited return to the fold, Blunt Magazine sat down with Short Stack members Shaun Diviney (lead vocals, guitar), Andy Clemmensen (bass, backing vocals) and Bradie Webb (drums) to talk through the “Then” and the “Now” for a two part series.

Following a whirlwind few years between 2008 and 2012, a period in which Short Stack would release their two seminal releases, the momentum began to slow. Externally, the fans were as eager as ever, but internally, as we would learn from the boys, the Short Stack wheels were beginning to come off.

Arduous tour schedules and other tedious commitments that come with artistic success began to take their toll on the band, who ultimately decided to call it a day soon after working on 2013’s Art Vandelay.

Now, the fire that once dwindled burns bright from within the core of Short Stack. They’re alive with a resurrected sense of passion, emboldened by a new partner in habitual alternative career-makers UNFD. It’s a partnership that, while professional in nature, adds tremendous validity to their return – this isn’t a one and done, it’s a big picture play.

The Short Stack we see before us today, the very same from the ‘Burn You Down’ video, are hellbent on not just re-establishing themselves, but redefining them. It’s not Short Stack 2.0. Nor is it Short Stack 3.0. This is the definitive Short Stack, who they always intended to be.

Catch Part 2 of our interview series with the band below, and head over to Part 1 to brush up on the “Then”.