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Ratboy School Excursion band photo

If you listen to one new band this week, make it Rat Boy School Excursion

All too often we’re the last horse to cross the line when it comes to discovering the one new band worth listening to in any given week, but this time it’s different. We were fortunate enough to stumble across/have the wind knocked out of us by Eora/Sydney upstarts Rat Boy School Excursion and their new track ‘Teeth’ off the rip, so what we bring you today is fresh.

While ‘Teeth’ may be their debut release, scattered throughout its 4 minute run time are ample reasons why Rat Boy School Excursion are destined to usurp your current favourite band. Unfortunately, many of these reasons are tough to fit into words, but condensed into a slick sentence, ‘Teeth’ is sharpened to break the skin of modern day audiences, and leave a permanent scar.

Before we get too carried away with the why of ‘Teeth’, let’s ground ourselves in the what.

Based in Eora/Sydney, Rat Boy School Excursion are a five-piece who toil within the fertile fields of Gothic Folk, but as we see with ‘Teeth’, are clearly comfortable and capable with frolicking further with the song morphing into a vicious, distorted onslaught before regaining composure in its final moments.

Finding a rare vocal commodity in lead singer and writer, Olive Lorikeet, as well as Gus Hunt, a guitarist who knows how to keep a loop engaging and a drummer who studies in vibe alchemy, RBSE have entered the picture with a unique sound, adding further razzle dazzle with Kierah McCue, tasked with xylophone, wine glasses, harmonica, whatever else is laying about, backing vocalist/guitarist powerhouse Miranda Lorikeet and bassist James Harvie, who, for those playing at home, also features in L.A.R.M.

Now, let’s get carried away with the why.

All too often, songs inspired by heartbreak focus on the big things, but with ‘Teeth’, RBSE give voice to the small; the things that go on in between the ebb and flow of the big. There aren’t too many huge choruses out there about it how feels like pulling teeth trying to stay with the person you want, and that’s the on-ramp for ‘Teeth’, quite literally a groove we can all get down with, but speaking with BLUNT, vocalist Olive explains, “It’s more than that…”

“This song is a representation of the anger, resentment and sorrow of a long and painful breakup. The song’s buildup of chaos is how that felt for me. This song is cathartic and feels like a release of that pain, I really feel it towards the end with the vocals screaming: ‘Was I not sweet enough for you?’ out of absolute desperation.”

Even fewer and further in between are songs which give listeners a way out of the heartbreak. ‘Teeth’ doesn’t leave things in despair and loads the closing moments of the song, some of its calmest, with intent. “As the song returns to just Kierah and Gus’ guitar towards the outro, it feels as if the cloud has lifted and the pain has gone,” Olive adds.

“I hope listeners who have felt such pain also find a release in hearing this song. I hope you feel all the anger and resentment with me, and then you’re able to let it all go…No matter how painful a breakup is, things will get back to normal one day. Hopefully you get to keep all your teeth too.”

Consider yourselves warned. No doubt as this is typed, RBSE are prepping their next move, and you’re gonna wanna be there when it happens.