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Bled Out band photo featuring the band members standing in the Australian bush

Get pulled into the riptide that is Bled Out’s new jam ‘To The Depths’

If you’ve been noticing some seismic rumblings out Meanjin/Yagera country way, you aren’t making things up. Bled Out have once again emerged from their studio rumpus holding high above their heads ‘To The Depths’.

The four-piece brand new single is as much earth shaking as it is, and bone crushing and on that account, is more than enough reason to send a shiver down the spine of all those who consider themselves peers.

But the geological references are off the mark – ‘To The Depths’, by both name and nature is an ode to the power of the ocean – the chest-tightening darkness, the suffocating expansiveness and the unrelenting pressure. Indeed, it’s often said to never turn your back to the surf, and ‘To The Depths’ is a blistering, authentically hardcore reminder.

Lyrially, ‘To The Depths’ is strewn with oceanic metaphors and instrumentally, embodies the crushing weight of the endless deep. The end result is a tightly composed and masterfully finessed dose of thalassophobia via song. “To The Depths’ lyrically explores themes of pressure and anxiety through the metaphor of suffocation and drowning at the hands of a greater being.” Bled Out tell BLUNT. “The song was musically constructed with this same theme in mind, to really help drive home the weight of the lyrics. The track is truly a completion of where we want to be with our sound and has been our most expressive song to date.”

In a short space of time – Already Bled Out released 2020’s Dog Shot and 2021’s brief but gnarly Pain Codex – Bled Out aren’t just proving themselves to be gripping storytellers, but also people who get shit done, with ‘To The Depths’ being an entirely internal effort as the band handled recording, and drummer Jack Dowie in the producer’s chair.

Wielding an intimidating mix of straight up-and-down hardcore with plenty of metal influences – think Graves of even Shinto Katana), it would be bad for your wellbeing to take your eyes of Bled Out.

Watch ‘To The Depths’ by Bled Out below