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Gallery: BTS of Windwaker’s modern, mind-bending new clip ‘Beautiful’

With the visuals for their brand new single ‘Beautiful’, Windwaker have done what so few bands have done before them in recent memory – created a video clip that adds to the song, rather than merely props it up.

It’s rather easy to compile an argument that the art of the music video is a lost one. For every neon-lit performance clip, there was a poorly scripted narrative one but the Fearless Records start-ups have demonstrated that there’s still hope for the medium, which can be a tonne more fun than what we might be accustomed to.

Hyperactive, and equal parts thumping, blistering and grooving ‘Beautiful’ calls no man sir as it carelessly stomps its way through all sorts of sonic lands. It’s safe to say that even conceiving a visual stimulant for ‘Beautiful’ was always going to require some lateral thinking to say the least.

In a time where we look longingly to the near-future for a new way of doing things, perhaps Windwaker can lead the way towards a ‘New Normal’ of mind-bending, awesome video clips. They were kind enough to take BLUNT behind the magic, revealing the magicians tricks as it were, for their successful endeavour.

Over to you, Windwaker.

We really wanted to go all out on this video…

It’s our first release in 3 years so we new it had to make an impact.

The song is a massive chaotic embodiment of the modern world, the good, the bad and the ugly, the saints and the criminals, and how differing backgrounds and circumstances relating to one’s own experiences can shape how we view each other and ourselves.

When it came to the video, we wanted that chaos to be felt, and we also wanted to celebrate. We wanted to bring out the social elements of cultural influence and feelings of shock and adventure by placing Will in a non-english speaking environment.

We tee’d up with our friends Ed Reiss, Kieran Ellis-Jones and Kazuyoshi Toyohara, and plonked Will into a fictitious and entirely Japanese speaking interview where he would be “premiering’ the song to the world.

The music video itself takes massive influence from K-pop music videos. We built an entire set and brought in a massive light show to fill it with colours. And you can’t go big without an amazing dance crew, so we got onto Mute Crew who choreographed the awesomeness you see in the clip.

All in all, “Beautiful” and the video is our impact back into the world, a celebration of new music, and a fun listen and watch. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Windwaker’s new single ‘Beautiful’ is out now via Fearless Records