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For Amusement Only

For Amusement Only: 5 simple steps to getting back on the road

Ah 2003: the glory years. Social media was yet to dominate every waking moment…NASA launched its Mars Exploration Rover and For Amusement Only released their then latest EP, One For The Team. Truly, the future looked beautiful.

Then 2004 hit. Facebook was launched, Arnie retired from acting, but worse than both of those…For Amusement Only broke up.

Over the past 16 odd years, it was a pain that never went away, but rather one we learnt to live with. But this weekend, all our pain is washed away with the Melbourne punk rockers returning to the stage for Blast From The Past 2020 alongside outfits Antiskeptic and Seraphs Coal.

Getting gig ready after such a break is no doubt a challenge. For some insight into how For Amusement Only are getting prepped for the road, the band shared their process (with a Bridget Jones level of self-awareness) with Blunt Magazine in 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Tim: “Explain to my kids why I can’t cook them dinner ’cause I need to practice for a band that I used to be in and convince them it really is me in that band even though I have hair in the YouTube videos.”

Ben: “Post Facebook status asking who has gear I can borrow…”

Novo: “Google ‘what is Spotify?'”

Step 2

Tim: “Spend too many hours on internet researching various stomach and man boob restraints to prevent excessive bobble when jumping around on stage – then realise that jumping is not an option when I make my first attempt.” 

Ben: “Google ‘For Amusement Only bass tabs’ that fans have posted when trying to relearn the songs.”

Novo: “Listen to songs on Spotify.”

Step 3

Tim: “Find a CD player that’s not in the car to play the EPs to practice with.” 

Ben: “Decide I should try to get fitter so I can last on stage but give up after one run to the train and offending another passenger after lifting my arm and leaving my armpit too close to their face.”

Novo: “Google “For Amusement Only Guitar Chords.”’

Step 4

Tim: “FaceTime brother for some online singing lessons.”

Ben: “Listen to Pitch meditation music while going to sleep. “THIS IS C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C.”‘

Novo: “Attempt to play songs on guitar.”

Step 5

Tim: “Realise we should have called this tour the ex-girlfriend tour as every song is about an ex-girlfriend. Not sure how current wives will be about this.” 

Ben: “Organise babysitters and apologise to my wife that I will be away the whole weekend.”

Novo: “Panic while thinking of excuses to pull out of the tour.”


Friday, 6 March
The Triffid, Brisbane
Tickets: OzTix

Saturday, 7 March
Mary’s Underground, Sydney
Tickets: MoshTix

Sunday, 8 March
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: Corner Hotel