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First watch: Carrington offer a clip for their acoustic rendition of ‘Quiver’

When Aussie alt upcomers Carrington released their Into Graphite EP in November, heads started turning. The release was everything you need to get your feelings hurt from a tune, in the way that we, as revellers in this scene, all like best. The Perth band have extended on that today with an acoustic rendition of ‘Quiver’, a cut from the extended play that they’ve accompanied with a video directed by Jordan King.

Multi-talented Carrington frontman Emmett Carroll openly describes the mentioned track as about a “battle for time with someone where I felt like my interests were not valued as much as theirs.” He details his own experience of “playing a show, pouring my heart out and not having the people I admire most there to support says a lot about what they think, as well as how I act. It was a bit of an eye opener putting these words to paper about how I treated others, and how I should give more to the people I love.” The Into Graphite title is referred to by the Western Australian outfit’s vocalist as a “play on the idea that using a tool like a pencil can create light and darkness; the more you give, the more you get.”

Carroll prefaces his explanation by extending its scope, noting that “every relationship experiences ups and downs, whether that’s with spouses or with friends and family.” That makes the song more relatable than it is at first glance, with Carroll also producing, mixing and mastering the acoustic track.

The fresh tune will be unveiled on all streaming services this Friday, but in the meantime, check out the video below and relax to some musical therapy. The pandemic will still be there when you get back.

Check out Carrington’s video for ‘Quiver’ below.