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Fender and Square Enix team up for the Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster

The Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival offers fans exclusive insights into a world that has become a huge part of the lives of so many. And yet, there’s always something even more special around the corner, including the new collaboration announced at the festival between Square Enix and Fender. Debuted during the Letter from the Producer segment of the event, Fender have created a limited run of Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster® guitars. If you’re a fan of music and gaming, or at least music and Final Fantasy, the limited edition items are not to be missed.

The guitars feature imitation crystal detailing, custom branding on the neck and a custom, vintage-style hard shell case adorned with the Final Fantasy XIV meteor logo. Each one will have the individual edition number engraved on its neck plate, in addition to an original certificate. While you can’t pull the trigger just yet in terms of making your highly-anticipated purchase, pre-orders are set to kick off later this year across the Americas, EMEA and of course here in Australia. If all goes according to plan, you should be able to get your hands on one when they ship in early 2022. They’ll also come at a pretty penny, currently priced up at $3,499.99 USD.

If having one of the limited edition Fenders isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, Final Fantasy players will also be able to interact with the instrument in-game. The electric guitar will be a new addition for performance actions, inspired by the real-life Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster, enabling players to switch between five different audio tones (including clean and distorted sounds), as well as offering up special performance features like pick slide and mute effects. And there’s still more – you can head to the Manderville Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XIV to purchase the indoor furnishing, titled The Aetherolectric Guitar.

The official announcement for the Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster is here.