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Falling In Reverse band photo featuring vocalist Ronnie Radke

Falling In Reverse share their most threatening message yet

Throughout his career, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has been menacing, self-effacing, polarising, challenging and to his horde of followers and really anyone who’s popped their head in for a moment, captivating but with the group’s brand new single, Falling In Reverse venture into some of the most volatile and rocky territory of their career letting loose ‘Watch The World Burn’, which is categorically threatening.

Like a thunderstorm brewing above, ‘Watch The World Burn’ takes its time to draw in as much angst and rage as it can. With Radkie’s rapid fire word-per-minute flow, closer to a SAR-21 than human vocal cords seems to add to the barometric pressure with each phrase. Rappin’ Ronnie Radke is something listeners have been comfortable with for some time, but ‘Watch The World Burn’ shows Radke has been doing the work to up his craft even more.

Traversing themes of mental illness, physical and mental anguish, and the shadow work done to get to the other side of it, ‘Watch The World Burn’ quickly moves into the eye of the storm, a brief moment of eerie clarity where the songs true form is revealed – A firm, structurally sound threat to all of those who stand in their way, replete with what looks to be a caricature of Radke’s recent Twitter sparring partner, Sebastian Bach getting domed, though we imagine that will never be officially confirmed or denied.

When the atmosphere can simply take no more, ‘Watch The World Burn’ erupts into a thunderous deluge of hard rock. While this could be read as Falling In Reverse landing back in familiar territory, really it’s the final threat of the piece – a stern reminder that they really can do it all.

With their recent run of satellite singles, Falling In Reverse have developed a nasty habit of dominating the pointy end of global charts and while this is yet to be the case for Watch The World Burn, such is the pace of the usual FiR single’s chart scention, I’ll most likely be updating this paragraph by the time it’s ready for edit. Radke has proven time and time before to have the Midas touch when it comes to singles, so it’s safe to say Watch The World Burn is in good company.

The storm may come to an abrupt end, but the air is still stuck with electricity – don’t unbarricade those windows just yet, there’s sure to be more Falling In Reverse on the horizon, and soon.