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Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die to save Christmas with ‘Online Telethon Extravaganza’

It’s not every year that Buffalo’s favourite sons Every Time I Die will be required to save Christmas. But, Hoo Boy do we need them to in 2020. While we slept, the Daddies of Southern Hardcore worked their fingers to the bone to delight us when we woke by announcing their forthcoming Every Time I Die’s Online Telethon Extravaganza, set to hit small to medium screens as soon as Saturday, 19th December for our brothers and sisters in the Northern Hemisphere, and Sunday, 20th December for us lot down here.

While the sole purpose of the event may be to “raise a total of sixty nine dollars for the members of”, it does look as though the live stream event will have a lot happening outside of that. Taking to socials, the band are teasing a crowd of guests set to appear including “big time celebs”, “big time special guests” and it’s safe to say a band with their own goddamn public holiday is going to have some considerable “big time” pull power.

But perhaps most importantly to all concerned, there are murmurs that a new song will be performed (yes, yes, we know, it’s finally happening.) Any new tunes will represent the long-awaited first fresh sounds from the mind of Every Time I Die since 2016’s Low Teens.

No doubt incredibly busy flicking through the Rolodex for the aforementioned celebs and guests, Every Time I Die did leave the Australian times off the event promo – it’s fine, we get it – but you’ll be pleased to know the event will be going down at the extremely Australian friendly 9am AEDT / 8am AEST and 6am in Perth (sorry, Perth).

There are a range of ticketing options, and plenty of special edition merch to boot so, really, what’s not to be excited about? Christmas 2020 has been saved.

Image: @BillyGeeee