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The Muslims

Epitaph signees The Muslims cut sick with new single

Not unlike how our folks would gather around the wireless to hear the latest comedy serial or whatever the hell they did before the internet, it’s now time to gather around Epitaph Records as they reveal the new addition to their iconic label. Today, the lords of punk rock have announced their latest signing as The Muslims, who have made their intentions mightily clear to the universe with their new single ‘Fuck These Fuckin Fascists’ – quite frankly, a tune that we should all be getting down with.

Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, the trio are an all-queer, black & brown and Muslim group. In that sense, they also provide what is largely a hitherto unseen lens through which to tell their personal tale of pop punk. In other words, this is something we haven’t really heard before, and how often does that happen in 2021? Through an abrasive mix of hardcore, rock-rap fusion, political satire and through their shared experiences as multi-racial Muslims, the band unapologetically shout their truth, calling out racism, inequality and political fuckery.

Case in point is ‘Fuck These Fuckin Fascists’, by name and nature a shirtfront to the regressive ideology which seems to be becoming more of a prevailing wisdom by the day. If you’re picking up what they’re putting down, there’s plenty of back catalogue to sink your teeth into: The Muslims (2018), Mayo Supreme (2019), Gentrified Chicken (2020), and Inshallah: Tomorrow We Inherit the Earth (2020)

“I started writing this song during Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial and finished it during the attempted coup,” recalls vocalist QADR. “What a time to be alive. As a person who fits the description of a so-called ‘Black Identity Extremist,’ I find it funny that our music and message, calling out racist violence, makes people more uncomfortable than actual racist violence. At least we’re cute, tender, and funny af.
“Artists are the truth-tellers throughout history, and we’re just speaking our truth. Fascism was never wiped out, it just got more polite and calls itself a Richard Spencer now, whatever that is. We’re going to speak truth to power and have a damn good time doing it.
“I hope our fans (aka Munks) get some coded message about destroying capitalism and the patriarchy, but only if they play it backwards. I hope this song inspires the next Munk to be themselves: to mosh in the mirror, cuss out racists, steal plant clippings from government buildings, and support their local Co-ops.”

Per the above, The Muslims are a considerable threat – intelligent, focused and fucking ruthless. It’s no surprise they caught the attention of a titan like Epitaph.

Check out the epic new drop from The Muslims below.