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Does VOIID’s new single ‘Sour’ make you uncomfortable? Good.

Don’t get it twisted – Brisbane punk outfit VOIID are a threat.

Sneaking into the city walls with rough-and-tumble tales of ‘Silly Girls’ partying with drunk friends in greenrooms, VOIID are now at the proverbial castle steps, where they’ve unsheathed their weapons and revealed their true intent: claiming the scalp of the patriarchy.

Today, VOIID hit us with a left-right combo in the form of their new single and video ‘Sour’. Steeped in the crusty nostalgic of 90s grunge, VOIID successfully harness both the sound and aesthetic of an era where distorted power chords led the charge of social change. The group also embody the same unapologetic devil-may-care attitude the genre is famous for, making it fairly clear that if ‘Sour’ makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s served its purpose perfectly.

Void of metaphor, void of smoke and mirrors, void of any whimsical bullshit (puns all intended), ‘Sour’ is a clear and resounding ‘Fuck You’ that sees the personal blend with the universal to create a united front against a culture that simply needs to be burnt to the ground.

“We didn’t write ‘Sour’ so that it could be easily digested, we wrote it to begin a conversation that is being ignored in the world right now,” guitarist Kate McGuire explains to Blunt Magazine. “We feel like with our past releases it has been super easy for people to not take us seriously, and this song is our response. We’ve had fun with our material in the past, but now we have something to say and we want people to hear it for what it is.”

“Our newest release touches on hard-hitting subjects such as dealing with sexual assault/abuse, being looked down on for your appearance and dealing with deteriorating relationships”, drummer Jasmine Cannon adds.

Already in their wake is hundreds of thousands of streams, critical acclaim and some considerable hours on stage. With talk of their third EP dropping in June, it’s clear VOIID are only ramping up their attack on the prevailing wisdom of regressive social norms.

I know what side I’m on.

Main Image: Daydreem.Co