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Die! Die! Die! share ‘I Seek Misery’

New Zealand noise punks Die! Die! Die! have dropped a sneaky track from their upcoming 7″, titled ‘I Seek Misery’. The tune can be heard below, and is part of the forthcoming release from the trio to be officially unveiled on October 23rd.

The outfit have described the single as setting the tone to starting them on “the creative process of writing the next album.” This time around, core members, frontman Andrew Wilson and drummer Michael Prain, were re-joined by bassist Lachlan Anderson, rounding out a team ready to get back in the groove.

“Getting the feel for creating together again and playing to our strengths,” the band described it as. “Lyrically, ‘I Seek Misery’ is about addiction and bringing about change to the current societal power dynamics in the ruins of a colonial empire.” Sounds about bloody right to us.

The absolute high energy belter of a tune was recorded in a single session at Roundhouse Studios in Auckland, before being engineered and mixed by Steven Marr at and mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control). The double A-sided single will be available on transparent blue vinyl, self-released in New Zealand and Australia.

We’re set to see more to come from Die! Die! Die!, which is what you would expect of an act that have been a mainstay for so long. Having previously collaborated on their debut album with Steve Albini in Chicago, known for working with everyone from Nirvana to PJ Harvey, the outfit no doubt are making plans for their next full-length offering. Apparently in New Zealand you’re also allowed to play shows now, with some tour dates coming up for the act in late October to November. We’re not gonna put them here because we don’t want to rub it in, but you can do your own research over at this link.