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Confession honour two decades of music with ‘When Goodbye Means It’s Life & Death’

When you look around at the heaving, and chart topping, beast the Australian heavy scene has become, it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t always like this. However, hardcore globetrotters Confession have announce plans to throw it back two decades, to a time when social media was still emerging from the primordial use of modern internet, a time when our biggest heavy exports from Prom Queen to Parkway were hauled up in sweaty vans with When Goodbye Means It’s Life & Death.

The live show will pay tribute to the past twenty years of music helmed by habitual frontman Michael Crafter, who originally fronted I Killed The Prom Queen, who’s iconic release When Goodbye Means Forever is part of the tributes name sake, before moving in through Carpathian, Bury Your Dead, and arriving at Confession, a band whose career culminated (so far) in the 2014 bone-shaker Life & Death.

A somewhat polarising figure of the heavy music community worldwide, Crafter will be the first to admit his missteps however in a true redemption arc, Crafter has taken his life out of the comments section, and dedicated it to a bigger cause – becoming a community man in his home of W.A, fronting Against The Grain studios/barbers/coffee shops, as well as spearheading grass-roots movements involving christmas toys for disadvantaged kids and victims of domestic violence.

The live shows will also serve another purpose – to pay tribute to the life and times of I Killed The Prom Queen bassist and community legend S.K, who has been immortalised by the heavy scene since his untimely passing, with mental health awareness being a tenet of all the band’s he’s fronted.

So far, just two shows have been announced for the East Coast, but we’ll update if there are anymore, which is sure to happen given this is a tribute worthy of praise in all major cities – and hell, regionals too.

When Goodbye Means It’s Life & Death

Tickets on sale now

Friday, 30th September
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Tickets: Confession

Saturday, 1st October
Manning Bar, Sydney
Tickets: Confession