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Circa Survive

Circa Survive, CKY members + more to support displaced Ukrainian families

Despite our best attempts to ignore it, one of the few objective truths about life is that as humans, we are all connected and so when things like war happen, no matter where, it impacts us all. Much of the world looks on with sheer horror as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues with no end in sight and like many onlookers, BLUNT is based firmly on the other side of the world. Fortunately, opportunities to help, and not feel so entirely useless are beginning to spring up.

As is usually the case with global crises, the alternative community has once again risen to the occasion, providing a number of avenues for people to contribute to the greater good, for example, a recent collaboration in the name of music, where all proceeds will be donated to families displaced by the invasion.

Circa Survive’s Anthony Green has teamed up with CKY’s drummer Jess Margera, Jesse’s Daughter Ava as well as Fu Manchu guitarist Brad Davis, Chris Weyh formerly of Life Once Lost and Jon Kita of Diecast, to bring a classic Ween anthem into 2022 with a faithful, punchy and demanding cover of ‘Did You See Me?’ originally written by Ween’s Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo.

First released in 2005 as part of Shinola, Vol. 1, ‘Did You See Me’ makes no effort to hide it’s emotive yearning for the listeners attention, insisting on our attention. Indeed given the modern context the song has been rebirthed in, that message has become all the more important.

Organised through Filthy Note Records (an imprint originally created by Jesse and brother Bam) and currently available on Bandcamp, 100% of the proceeds from the songs sale will be going to Unicef and IRC to help provide for the massive influx of displaced families on account of the ongoing barrage.

As the Russian invasion shows no signs of slowing, the counterculture has wasted no time putting its foot down to reflect its belief that war is never the answer. Green Day, for instance, have cancelled shows in Moscow. Silent Planet have released merch with the intent of raising awareness, and funds, for the Ukraine Crisis Fund. These are just two of the many opportunities the alternative community have provided for us to give back, with more sure to come.