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Lily Cornell Silver

Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily launches mental health series ‘Mind Wide Open’

Lily Cornell Silver, daughter of the late Chris Cornell, has marked what would be her father’s 56th birthday with a move that would have the icon beaming with pride. Today, she launches her brand new IGTV series, Mind Wide Open, a series set to cover and shed more light on mental health issues.

The first episode of Mind Wide Open is currently streaming via Cornell Silver’s Instagram, and features trauma specialist and author Laura Lipsky. Throughout the 24-odd minute discussion, Cornell Silver demonstrates a considerable understanding and handle on the incredibly heavy topics of suicide, grief, trauma and overcoming them, dipping into her own personal experiences with therapy to fuel the conversation.

Per the description of the inaugural episode, Cornell Silver explains “Today, in honour of my dad’s birthday, here is the first episode of Mind Wide Open. I created this interview series with the goal of helping to normalise and de-stigmatise conversations around mental health, and if it can make even one person feel seen and heard I will have accomplished my goal.”

“As someone who has suffered trauma and loss as well as struggled with anxiety and depression, I know how important it is to have a space to talk openly and without shame about these subjects.”

Judging by Episode 1, it’s clear that Cornell Silver is eager to use the traumatic experiences of her past to bring some facts, knowledge and solutions to the mental health discussion space, rather than merely pontificate on them as we often see with new entries into the greater discussion – and for that, we thank her.

Chris Cornell’s suicide in 2017 is something that the music industry is still coming to terms with after the shocking news broke. In the wake of the tragic loss, Cornell’s legacy is lived on through the dedicated work of his friends and family, including the Chris And Vicky Cornell Foundation, which is tasked with helping children escape from volatile situations.

Episodes will be updated weekly with the next scheduled for Monday, 27th July. Future guests will be academic experts, as well as friends, peers and names from the worlds of music, pop culture and entertainment.