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Bunny Racket

Bunny Racket goes digital for punks young and old

It was a few years back that Bunny Racket, a rock ‘n’ roll supergroup hellbent on making punk rock for all ages, dropped their album Rock’N’Roll Animals via a limited run of 500 physical records. The project was an endearing and artistically impressive endeavour that aimed to entertain as well as educate, indoctrinating the youth into a life of punk rock while their parents headbanged along supportively.

Now as the world becomes more and more locked down by the day, creating all sorts of financial, social, and existential stresses, Bunny Racket has risen to the occasion, announcing for the first time ever the arrival of Rock’N’Roll Animals in a digital capacity, dealing a hefty blow to the monotony of #TheQuar. To amplify the release, Bunny Racket also released two video clips, perfect for rocking out at home with the little ones, for album tracks ‘Never Shake a Rattlesnake’ and ‘Dogs In The Street’.

Though the premise might be humourous, and the creative output silly, not for one moment is Bunny Racket a joke. It features Brant Bjork from Kyuss on drums and backing vocals, The Doors’ Robby Krieger on lead guitar and famed The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead manager, Sam Cutler stepping into the studio line up to provide some spoken word vocals.

At the help of the project is Australia’s own Andy Walker AKA King Bunny, who came up with the idea to find the connective tissue between Black Sabbath and Sesame Street. Walker tags in members of The Vines, Wolfmother and Goons of Doom to complete the live line up.

By plugging Bunny Racket into the digital sphere for the first time, Walker isn’t just meeting a demand for age appropriate content (let’s face it, kids should not be watching Tiger King), but also seeking to meet the needs of an industry under siege. Walker has confirmed that all proceeds from his merch sales will go directly to Sound Of Silence, a Support Act initiative tasked with ensuring there’s a future for so many employed within our creative industries.

There is some talk of King Bunny himself gearing up for a live streamed performance of the album, an absolute guaranteed good time for your whole punk family. Best follow his socials to make sure you don’t miss it.

Bunny Racket, as it would seem, is truly a vibe that we can all get down with.