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Bootleg Rascal on their top five Beastie Boys bangers

Gold Coast-based party starters Bootleg Rascal recently dropped their new hip-hop-infused tune ‘Oh so Cool’, the latest release from their staggered EP Collaborations of Very Isolated Delinquents ‘19.

According to guitarist Jimmy Jesus, this new belter was influenced by the legendary New York City rappers themselves, the Beastie Boys. So, we asked the duo to put together their five favourite Beastie Boys tunes. Check it out below.

Wrapping up the Beastie Boys’ legacy in only five tracks is a pretty daunting task. To name just a few of their accomplishments: their debut record Licensed to Ill was the first rap record to top the Billboard 200 in the US; they’ve sold over 20 million records in the US; released seven platinum records and became the third rap group to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, these accolades don’t come close to representing how much the group’s music means to us!

1. ‘Sabotage’ (1994)

You seem to find it in every second Hollywood movie over the past couple of decades; such is the influence of this ripsnorter. Punctuated by distorted guitar riffs, record scratches and the iconic Beastie Boys vocal delivery, ‘Sabotage’ grabs you by the throat from the first note and doesn’t let go. It’s a great choice to take a party to the next level, just expect to wake up the neighbours with the sheer amount of drunk yelling.

2. ‘Intergalactic’ (1998)

I can’t listen to this track without seeing the stupidly good accompanying video clip in my mind’s eye. It especially meant so much to me growing up watching the Power Rangers. Opening with an alien-like vocoder, ‘Intergalactic’ is unlike anything else I’ve heard, splashed with radio effects, cutting hi-hats and reverberating snares.

Beastie Boys known to let the beat…. mmm, drop.

3. ‘Sure Shot’ (1994)

Combining glossy flutes, woody percussion and flashing ride cymbals, ‘Sure Shot’ is an iconic slice of 90s hip hop. For us, this track helps cement them amongst contemporaries such as A Tribe Called Quest as one of the most influential artists of this time in music.

4. ‘Body Movin’’ (1998)

‘Body Movin’’ uses inventive samples, smooth bass lines and an array of vocalists, making it feel like it’s coming straight from the streets. Xylophone-like chimes help give the track a slightly wonky feel and provide space for the drums to shuffle and control the groove.

5. ‘Make Some Noise’ (2011)

Last but not least, the latest release of their career to feature on this list! The clip showcases a multitude of stars including Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride all dressed in the iconic get-ups from the ‘Fight For Your Right’ video clip.