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Body Type press image featuring the band members standing in front of a red blackground

Body Type are suss of everything on new track ‘Miss The World’

We all did our best last year, but Body Type did better.

Their independently released debut album Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising came out in May 2022, and held court well throughout the year to make its way to many ‘best of’ lists. Having said that, they certainly aren’t done with us yet. While we regain our composure from their first outing, Sydney’s Body Type have clocked us with news of a follow-up – Expired Candy, set for release Friday, June 2nd.

Those who spent time with their debut know the band have plenty to say, and they’ve wasted no time saying it in sharing first track ‘Miss The World’, which sees them getting pretty fucking suss of everything. While the act have classified it as a COVID song, ‘Miss The World’ focuses mainly on subjects of social decline, entitlement and complacency, and we reckon its context will be relevant for a while yet.

“Yeah, yeah, on face value this is a COVID song,” say the band. “But more than that, it’s an ode to the realisations, personal and collective, that occurred during that time. Realisations about society, culture, values, the things that matter, the parts we play. At the end of the day, the world is totally absurd and many things make very little sense when you think about them too hard. But we gotta squeeze these little brains of ours and do the thinking, realise the realisations. Complacency is dangerous, passion is contagious.”

Body Type don’t sugar down the medicine either – jagged beats lead cutting riffage and a cyclone of bass to buttress a harmonised vocal line that bears all the hallmarks of authentic, fed-up punk. By the sounds of things, Expired Candy is set to be a true party mix (thematically speaking, that is). Touching on themes of “hope, love, and danger, dancing with delicious uncertainty,” we look forward to the band once again perfectly capturing the state of things with their sophomore as they did with their debut.

Check out ‘Miss The World’ below.