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Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro’s cover of ‘WAP’ is an extremely wild time

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ has been the hit single that launched a thousand ships of think pieces, political insight and reactions on reactions. Such is the song’s penetration of the zeitgeist, there’s every chance you know whole lyrics from the jam without ever hearing it. And what do we learn from this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But it’s been a fantastic distraction.

This distraction just became a whole lot more fun, with Scottish lords of mathed out rock Biffy Clyro not just covering the hit, but flipping it to be far more relevant to the Biffy universe.

The trio unleashed ‘WAB (Wet As Biffy)’ mere hours ago during their BBC Live Lounge performance, and suffice to say it’s not only turning heads, but tapping feet.

“There’s some Biff in this house, there’s some Biff in this house”, the re-work begins and follows in a similar manner throughout. Instrumentally, the band have stuck pretty close to the source material save for a flurry of slick riffage mid way through.

Other masterful reworks of the lyrics include “If you ain’t wet as Biffy then your riff game weak” and of course, “I want you to park that big Biffy truck right in my tiny wee garage.” But to be very frank, you must hear it for yourselves.

The Biff are on a victory lap at the moment since the release of their latest record, A Celebration Of Endings. The release was followed up by a series of high production, live streamed concerts that saw the band spare no expense in the name of delivering for fans.

The trio are known for being incredibly chill, and considering their penchant for wild time signatures and baffling structures, they clearly have no concern for ‘The Rules’ so, really, for those paying attention, it’s no surprise that they decided to flip one of 2020’s most polarising moments on its head.