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Beth Crypt

Beth Crypt: Synthwave in punk rock clothing

If you’re the type of person to get all purist when it comes to music genres, let Blunt Magazine break this to you now: You’re probably not a lot of fun at parties. The idea that specific sounds put specific songs into specific boxes is, thankfully, losing steam these days as we enter a new paradigm that encourages our creatives to let the wild horses run; to colour outside of the lines dammit, and for a perfect example of why this is the way, look no further than Melbourne’s emergent Beth Crypt and her debut single ‘Ghosts’.

Synthwave in punk rock clothing; an emo dream dreamt while running a high darkwave fever; ghosts is the sort of union of ideas that would have you burnt at the stake in the 1800’s, if synth elitism was in vogue back then. Like a gentle tide, ‘Ghosts’ pulls you out of the shallows and into a haunting fog; peaceful and energetic, though haunting all the same.

The enigmatic Beth Crypt spoke to Blunt about her creative conjuring process, explaining, “I want to be writing about heavy things that I have struggled with and that I felt catharsis from hearing about in the punk music of my teen years.”

“‘Ghosts’ is about just that – I’ve struggled with pretty paralysing anxiety since I was a teenager and I wrote ‘Ghosts’ about the feeling of those thoughts creeping up into my consciousness, it often feels like I am being haunted by some entity totally separate to me that I can’t shake.”

For a debut effort, ‘Ghosts’ feels lightyears ahead of where it should be with world class production and a solid, confident sound. Right now, no plans have been revealed for a more encompassing release but we’re willing to bet all our neon-patched leather jackets that big things will come from the Beth Crypt camp, and soon.