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Bands Of Colour Radio

Behold the new 24/7 Youtube radio dedicated to bands of colour

Such is the state of things in the alternative scene at the moment that we here at Blunt Magazine consider it our moral duty – nay, honour – to point our dear readership in the direction of stories and sounds from diverse voices we haven’t seen or heard before. Today, our comrades at Punk Black haven’t merely found the holy grail of such things, they damn well invented it, launching a Youtube radio station dedicated to promoting diverse voices and bands, and they’re pumping it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, the channel is also dedicating itself to unearthing and promoting underground acts, so the platform simultaneously lifts as it rises, a service so often denied to the up and comers left. The team behind Punk Black 24/7 Radio let out a big ol’ sigh of relief this morning with the announcement, explaining that this was a particularly challenging endeavour.

“Believe us it was not exactly an easy feat, but after sleepless nights, countless battles with Youtube’s INSANE music algorithm, and several glasses of whiskey we are excited to say we have a new and badass way to support the bands of #punkblack. This radio will give bands another opportunity to be heard, found, and followed, which is AMAZING. We can’t wait to see how you dig the radio, how it grows, and what new music can add in the future. Take a listen below!”

No doubt several more glasses of whiskey will be washed down tonight to celebrate the successful launch. Bands are invited to submit their original tuneage for broadcast on the channel, pointing future rockstars to submit via [email protected]. Declaring radical inclusivity as the name of their game, Atlanta-based creative collective Punk Black have done immeasurable work in promoting diverse bands featuring people of colour. Indeed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a publication in this media climate with as much soul as these cats.

Get into #punkblack 24/7 radio below – underground rock music to mosh and vibe to right now.

Art by @blanime_art (IG)