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Sacred Hearts

Bask in Sacred Hearts’ melancholic mood piece, ‘Vices’

Meanjin goth revivalists Sacred Hearts first came to the attention of BLUNT last year, when their debut single Glamour Girls put us in such a state, we simply had to speak to them about it. Now, the trio have returned with a follow-up track that simultaneously confirms the buzz behind the group, all the while adding to it.

Out today wherever you get your fix, ‘Vices’ isn’t so much a song you listen to, it’s a mood piece you sit in. Intense, but sparse enough to leave enough space for you to fall into, for nearly 5 minutes, ‘Vices’ makes you altogether less aware of your current surroundings, and more aware of what once was; what could have been…’Vices’ is one of those songs.

More specifically, ‘Vices’ is a story of addiction, told in the cadence of someone raised on a healthy diet of Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil. Droning, cyclonic and dreamy, ‘Vices’ could be compared to both a slow descent down a rabbit hole or steady, thumping come-up. Indeed, this is by design:

‘Vices’ “encapsulates the dread and hopelessness when watching someone wither away to addiction,” the band says of the track “This song comes from a very dark and vulnerable place. For this song we focused on how to translate raw emotion into sound. I’m excited to share this piece of myself with you and connect with those who get it.”

So early in the game, Sacred Hearts are showing a considerable handle on how things get done. Preceding their original singles with a run of successful YouTube covers, Sacred Hearts have given enough for fans to sink their teeth into while they whittle away at their next offering.

Produced by Aaron Shanahan (Dream Dali), ‘Vices’ is indicative of the intricacies of melancholic goth and in a sea of performative nihilism, that’s a groove we can all get down with.

Feature image: Nell Elphinstone (@n31131