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Avatar don’t just tour, they conquer, and Australia is next on the list

If you felt an ungodly rumble from the depths of the earth this week, you weren’t tripping. As we found out, for sometime now Swedish sonic world-creators Avatar have been drawing up their plans for us, revealing with an almighty thud their set of headline Australian tour dates seeing the absolute firebrand of a band heading to our shores for the first time in ages.

This is major news, not just for fans of the band but everyone else too given that Avatar live shows have a knack of being more than a live show for ticket holders and a life moment. Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga and Avatar aren’t three acts you’d tend to see in the same sentence, unless of course you’re discussing artists who are hellbent on sinking cash into their live performances, not to make any of it back, but to make extravaganzas.

Clearly, the band had been using the multiple petitions created by Australian fans to bring them back Down Under; it’s not that they were ignoring us for a decade, they were just waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and that came in the form of new album Dance Devil Dance. Much like their live shows, Avatar don’t merely release albums, either. Those who have been following the band know they instead release eras with Dance Devil Dance heralding in a new dawn for the band, closing off the erstwhile Avatar Country era, which began back in 2017 with the release of the namesake album.

It’s not just mindless fan hype either. As well as your favourite metal band, Avatar are also your favourite metal bands favourite metal band. Iron Maiden couldn’t resist inviting them on tour, Vinnie Paul has lorded their riffs, and judging by their list of guest artists, no one is turning down a call from Avatar.

Few bands talk the talk and walk the walk quite like Avatar, don’t believe us? Come see for yourself.

Avatar Australian tour dates
Tickets available Thursday, 27th April.

Friday, 25th August
170 Russell, Melbourne
Tickets: The Phoenix

Saturday, 26th August
The Metro, Sydney
Tickets: The Phoenix

Sunday, 27th August
The Triffid, Brisbane
Tickets: The Phoenix