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Aussie punks unite for new national anthem ‘FCK U $COMO’

There are very few guarantees in life. Death and taxes are the ones usually rattled off, but there is an oft-neglected one: Punk rock shirt fronting authority. Just as certain as it is that you’ll one day question where your hard-earned tax dollars go, punk rock will always chase down the powers that be with the passion of a dog chasing a car. Although, unlike the dog, punk knows exactly what it will do to authority if it catches it: tear it to shreds.

So it’s with a timeless honour that we present the next chapter in the existential skirmish between punks and politicians; a skirmish in which Quiet Citizen is sure to become an important footnote, given that the aptly titled ‘FCK U $COMO’ has all the kinetic energy needed to become our new national anthem.

‘FCK U $COMO’ is a proverbial diamond forged in the recent and terrifying pressures presented by the unprecedented bush fire tragedy, and the response of “meh” from the nation’s top brass.

With drummer Scotty B from Smitty & B.Goode behind the helm, ‘FCK U $COMO’ was brought to life with the help of key figures from the Aussie punk scene including Carly Chalker (Smitty & B.Goode/The Dark Shadows/Operation Ibis) and Blackie from The Hard-Ons. From there, the track was recorded at The Pet Food Factory with Jay from Frenzal Rhomb behind the mixing desk.

It’s impressive that in just under 3 minutes, the aforementioned Punk Rock Avengers, gathering under the title Quiet Citizen, managed to cover Scott Morrison’s entire tenure as Prime Minister: smirking at inappropriate times, “hanging loose” in Hawaii while his country burnt, and well, yeah, that appears to be all this dude will be remembered for.

Quiet Citizen have no hard plans for further new material, though they certainly can expect a visit from the federal police over this one.