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APATE set speakers ablaze with ‘Gasoline Anthem’

You could be forgiven for sleeping on Brisbane outfit APATE. I mean hell, we’ve all had a lot going on lately, but all that changes now, and henceforth, sleeping on APATE shall be considered unforgivable. Today, the band makes a considerable play to separate themselves from the pack by announcing a deal with Australian record label Human Warfare, and sharing the first slice of tuneage since inking the deal, ‘Gasoline Anthem’.

‘Gasoline Anthem’ demonstrates the band’s masterful handle on composing forward-thinking and above all else, interesting metalcore. Featuring a dramatic clash of duelling clean vocals (Caleb Patch) and rough and tumble screams (Zakk Ludwig), ‘Gasoline Anthem’ is an almost four-minute boss battle between light and dark, tightly bound with an onslaught of chug.

Lyrically, the song also embodies the dichotomy of good prevailing against bad. Lugwig explains the story draws influence from his own turbulent youth: “Although I experienced a lot of things that a child should never be subject to, like physical, mental, drug and alcohol abuse, as an adult I have come to realize that it shaped me into who I am now. It has solidified to me that I don’t want to perpetuate the same vicious and violent cycle that was once inflicted on me.”

Digging this deep for their craft is clearly paying off with the brand pricking up the ears of heavy music impresarios Human Warfare, helmed by Thy Art Is Murder’s Andy Marsh. The label is home to Thy Art as well as Fit For An Autopsy, Enterprise Earth and Vein – some impressive bands to now be in the company of.

Speaking on discovering APATE, Marshy recalls: “I met with the guys over Zoom and we immediately got along fantastically, and I saw great potential in some of the demos I was hearing so I figured they fit the criteria of a band that I could work with. They might not be the most extreme or heavy band on the label, but they have a lust for life and creativity and I am too glad to be able to help nurture their endeavours moving forward.” APATE no doubt now have the taste of success and we can be certain they’re going to come back for more.

Hear the new single from APATE below.