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Angels & Airwaves share new single, ‘Euphoria’

Tom DeLonge is having one hell of a year, having recently tied the knot with his partner and with the vindication that, as he’s been telling us for decades, the whole UFO thing might be more realistic than we initially thought. Now, the ex-blink-182 legend has returned with his band Angels & Airwaves to deliver a new single, alongside announcing some upcoming performances to take place later this year.

Speaking on the new track, titled ‘Euphoria’, DeLonge points out that he wanted it to capture the origins of what made him play music in the first place. “In a music world that seems to be absent [of] guitars, angst, and emotional authenticity, I felt it was important to lead with a song that mirrors the post-hardcore days of my youth, where the power of the music creates that feeling we once had as teenagers, where we wanted to break something and change the poisonous environment within our broken homes,” he continues to explain. “These emotions create us. This song shows the seductive nature of an intense love built with that baggage from our youth, from being born into an imperfect household.”  

The visuals, directed by DeLonge himself, also reflect that, collaging together to form a narrative ultimately surrendering to the theme of escapism. Aside from its narrative, fans can be assured that the song is one of the strongest that we’ve ever seen come out of the Angels & Airwaves project, seeing them throw their pop influences out the window in favour of making a statement with a purer, and certainly more explicit, rock song. There’s no word yet on if the release of ‘Euphoria’ will culminate into an album announcement from the band anytime soon, but we’ll keep an eye out for you, so watch this space.

Watch the official music video for ‘Euphoria’ below.