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Anberlin confirm first new album in six years

Fans of Florida’s alternative rock outfit Anberlin better take a seat for this one. For many years, only three things seemed certain in life: Taxes, death and that we’d never see another album from the beloved outfit. But during their recent full-band live stream, they’ve confirmed what we’ve all hoped to hear: Anberlin is working on a new album.

No doubt still in utero, this new album nonetheless heralds the first batch of new material from Anberlin since 2014’s Lowborn, the release of which coincided with news that it would be their last full-length release.

Via New Fury Media and their eagle-eyed followers, the following admission from Christian mid stream was noticied: “We as Anberlin decided we like each other enough to work on writing music together again.”

“We don’t know when, it could be 2020 it could be 2025 we have no clue…” Before joking between them that realistically, it will most likely be 2021. It’s worth noting Stephen seems mighty eager on the 2020 side of things…”Why not? I got time…”

Over the years, the band did delight fans with an array of live performances, however those watching on through teary eyes would no doubt have seen a band very dedicated to calling it a day – “The decision to walk away is what is best for the fans, even though they may not see it”, vocalist Stephen Christian said at the time.

Well, it seems it took the current looming existential doom for the band to realise that the world does, in fact, want some new Anberlin and we have for a bloody while now.

Australia and Anberlin have always had a thriving love affair, with the band most recently on our soil last year. That’s a good indicator that we’re sitting pretty to cop some decent real estate on the eventual Anberlin world tour in the name of said forthcoming new album.