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Peni Parker

Anarcha-femme punk Peni Parker bust skulls with debut single ‘DESTROYHER’

There are those who remain silent, never wanting the attention to be on them; those that sit at the back of the class and heckle, quite happy to throw the attention onto others. Then there are those who stand unashamedly front and centre, absorbing the attention before diverting it to a greater cause – those like Sydney’s Peni Parker, who used her debut single to not coddle, but cut.

Using punk-rock as her scalpel and alt-rock as her forceps, ‘DESTROYERHER’ is a surgical dismemberment of tired behaviours. It’s an unforgiving takedown of the way things were – a zero-sum mission to salt the earth where they grew to make way for a more equitable space.

Set to the backdrop of a sonic chaos akin to Fever 333, coupled with an intimidating confidence that’s all of her own, ‘DESTROYERHER’ is a blazing, abrasive and angular cut of punk so expertly crafted – and wielded – that there’s every chance it’ll break the skin before you’ve even noticed.

 “I was so angry when I wrote ‘DESTROYHER’,” Parker explains. “It’s a frustrated cry for action. Exploring the emotional rollercoaster that is having a narcissist in your life. We all have things that we need to work on, ‘DESTROYHER’ is a plea for self-reflection and accountability. I hope the energy in this song either inspires someone to challenge their human and say, ‘Hey this is enough,’ or maybe even act as a wake up call for that person to reach out for help themselves.”

 “I started writing with some incredible UK creatives and found the right click. My producer Kieron Pepper has Zoom-guided me through covid to work on my sound, and the boys from Crashface kindly jumped on the track to help out with instrumentation.”

Revelling in the sort of confidence most artists don’t develop by their third album, let alone their first single, ‘DESTROYHER’ is an all too chilling warning not only to those who consider themselves peers of Parker, but those who deal in cruelty and manipulation, to sleep with one eye open.

Peni Parker’s debut single ‘DESTROYHER’ will be available officially on Wednesday, November 24th